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The purpose of the athletic program at St. John Catholic School is to complement the home, church, and school in the development of the whole person. Program activities are planned for the benefit of the student-athlete. Care is taken that activities are appropriate for the age and physical growth or development of the individual. The purpose of the school athletic program is to: 

  1. To recognize the need for physical fitness for the wholesome growth of the child. 
  2. To provide enjoyable recreational activities that develop Christian values and attitudes of sportsmanship and fair play that can be sustained throughout the student’s life.
  3. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated at any event featuring SJCS student-athletes. St. John Catholic School expects all of its players, coaches, and supporters, to show respect.


Unless specifically excused by the principal, all student-athletes must maintain a C average or better in each class to participate in athletics.  Any student who does not meet the academic requirements may participate in probationary status. He/she may attend practices, but will not be allowed to play in any games. Grades will be reviewed every week. The student will remain on probation until the grade requirement is met.  

  • Student-athletes must maintain passing conduct grades at all times.
  • Sports team eligibility shall be extended to all currently enrolled students who meet the above-mentioned academic/conduct criteria.
  • Athletic dues will be $60 per player per sport and must be paid before the first practice of the sport's season in order for the player to be eligible for participation.
  • Students involved in disciplinary actions (suspension/expulsion) may not participate in team practices or games during the disciplinary period.
  • Students with discipline infraction related to unsportsmanlike conduct toward their own teammates or members of another team will be restricted from team practice and games during the disciplinary period.

The SJCS athletic forms packet can be downloaded here. Please return the filled out packet to SJCS front office.


SJCS has been blessed by many volunteer coaches throughout the years. There could be no sports program without them. Like our students, our coaches are expected to demonstrate the eagle spirit and display the utmost sportsmanship and Christian values at all times. Every volunteer coach must meet all requirements of completing VIRTUS training, guidelines provided for volunteers of athletic programs by the physical education teacher/athletic director, and must be approved by the athletic director and the principal. Parents and other supporters are reminded to show their appreciation for the coaches by not interfering with practice or otherwise confronting the coach and to treat them with respect and courtesy at all times.


Every athlete must have on file with the athletic director a physical examination form and written permission of the parents for the student to participate in the athletic program, which must include the name of the family’s insurance company and the policy number.  


In regards to team member selection, the athletic director will determine the process utilized to select team members. It may be necessary to establish a more formal process of clinics and individual/group tryouts to determine team members. This will then be at the athletic director discretion as to the manner in which it is carried out. 

Once the student-athlete has been accepted to play on a particular team, the coach will have the discretion as to playing time for each member. This will be for the benefit of the team based on attendance of practices, meeting of academic requirements, and skill factors.   


  • Basketball
  • Cross Country
  • Cheerleading
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
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