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Tuition Payment Options

Tuition payment options include 1, 2 or 11 payments and can be selected at the time of enrollment. Tuition is paid through FACTS Family Online and payments begin in July for the upcoming school year.

Pre-School Tuition

  • PK2 & PK3 Half Day (M-F) - $2,992 (Monthly - $272)
  • PK2 - PK4 Full Day (M-F) - $5,170 (Monthly - $470)

K5 - 8th Grade Tuition

  • 1 Child - $7,843 (Monthly - $713)
  • 2 Children - $14,289 (Monthly - $1,299)
  • 3+ Children - $20,394 (Monthly - $1,854)

K5 - 8th Grade Active Parishioner** Tuition

  • 1 Child - $5,841 (Monthly - $531)
  • 2 Children - $10,593 (Monthly - $963)
  • 3+ Children - $15,169 (Monthly - $1,379)


  • Military Discount, per Student - $250
    • Can not be combined with the Active Parishioner Discount
  • Referral Incentive***(PK) - $250
  • Referral Incentive***(K-8) - $500

Registration/Enrollment Fees

Application Fee - $50

Enrollment Fee - $50

Registration* Fee Due June 1st

  • PK2 - PK3 - $150
  • PK4 - 8th Grade - $350

Tuition Late Fee (After 10th of Month) - $35

Referral Program

Click Here for Referral Program Flyer

Share our great school with others and invite them to discover what makes St. John the Evangelist Catholic School the best choice for their children and their family.

  • Pre-K - $250
  • K-8th - $500

*The registration fee helps to defray the costs for consumable instructional materials, textbooks, technology, software licensing, administrative FACTS fees, NWEA MAP testing fees, and insurance fees.

**Active Parishioner is a registered member of St. John the Evangelist or other Catholic Church who regularly attends weekend and Holy Day Mass and contributes financially to their parish.  To be eligible for the Active Parishioner rate, families must submit a signed Parish Subsidy Request Form after meeting with their Pastor.  These forms are available in the school office. The Active Parishioner rates reflect the discounts listed.

***Referral incentives are applied to the next monthly tuition payment once the referred family has enrolled. Referral Incentives are per student. Only one referral discount will be applied per month.

**** The activity fee is a per family fee that helps to offset the cost of athletic, social, musical, theatre, club, and recreational activities for all students at SJCS.

Tuition Assistance

Tuition assistance provides financial support to help families pay for the school. As a member of SJCS, you have resources available to you to help pay for tuition.

St. John Catholic School is committed to providing a Catholic education to qualifying families through our scholarship program. Applications for financial aid must be submitted through FACTS Tuition Aid Management.

To qualify for parish assistance, a family must demonstrate financial need (determined by FACTS), be registered in the parish, attend Mass weekly, and contribute to the church by using envelopes provided by the church office. The deadline each year for applying is February 15, and parents will be notified of awards in May.

GRACE Scholarship/ Golden Dome Scholarship

A separate application is available from the school office for the GRACE/Golden Dome Scholarships which is open to non-parishioners. However, a public school requirement is in place for those entering second grade and above. This requirement is not in place for those entering Kindergarten or first grade.

Families applying for GRACE/Golden Dome Scholarships will need to complete additional paperwork. Families are also encouraged to talk with the principal if they have other circumstances. Again, the school’s goal is to provide a quality Catholic education to anyone wanting it.

Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (GSNS) Program is a school choice program available for special needs students attending Georgia public schools who are served under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

For more information about qualifications and how to apply, click here.

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