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Each month, the SJCS school advisory board meets to discuss educational issues and act on items requiring board approval. It welcomes the attendance of staff and parents at our board meetings.  The SJCS school board is an advisory board charged with assisting the pastor and the principal by advising on matters of policy, budget, and ensuring compliance with diocesan policies for Catholic Schools. The board is made up of elected members, chosen by the parish, 2 per year. Elected members serve a term of three years and are term-limited to 2 terms. Additionally, the pastor appoints 2 members annually and the principal appoints several members each year, including some non-parishioners. The president of Home and School also serves in the school board in a non-voting capacity.

The board generally meets once a month during the academic year. There are several committees led by board members. The committees are Publicity and Marketing, Long-Term Planning, Finance and Maintenance, and Grounds. Each of these report to the entire board. The officers are President, Vice President, and Secretary. The President also serves on the parish council and must be a parishioner. The school board is concerned with the operation and continued success of the school.



The school board generally meets the first Wednesday of every month in the teachers' Lounge. Open forum for the general public will be from 6:45 pm - 7:00 pm.  Closed meetings begin at 7:00 pm are subject to change without notification to the public.





  • Pastor - Fr. Brian LaBurt*
  • Principal - Vito Pellitteri*
  • Chairperson - Derrick Sinclair
  • Vice Chairperson - Laurie Wallace
  • Secretary - Alicja Reiger


  • Michael Oppel - Finance Committee Chairperson
  • Mary Gerber - Building and Grounds Committee Chairperson
  • Micha Hogan* -  Marketing/PR and Enrollment Committee Chairperson
  • Miriam Hunter - Nominating Committee Chairperson
  • Jessie Kalinowski
  • Dr. Matthew Paylo
  • Dr. Sheryl Dassinger
  • Paul Hamilton
  • Daniel Storey
  • Courtney Gooding