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St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is excited to offer Spanish from PreK-3 through eighth grade. We strive to help our students build a rich vocabulary in an engaging, comprehensible, and low-stress atmosphere!  Ultimately, our students have the ability to earn Spanish I high school credit if they attend 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at SJCS.

Pre-K and early elementary Spanish class incorporates singing, whole-body movement, and stimulating manipulatives to make the language come to life.  

Elementary and middle school Spanish classes adventure through the Spanish-speaking world, where they explore the language and culture through interesting, communicative lessons, authentic readings, and varied activities meant to stimulate creativity.

Our program encourages students to explore language through not only reading, writing, listening, and speaking; but also communication, culture, connection, comparison, and community.

Most importantly, students can look forward to growing a true appreciation for the Spanish language, everyone who speaks it, and the varied, beautiful cultures where Spanish is spoken. 

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