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St. John Middle School celebrates back-to-back winning soccer seasons

March 21, 2024

Valdosta, GA – St. John the Evangelist Catholic School (SJCS) is proud to announce the
success of their middle school soccer team in the recently concluded season. Coaches
Stacie Zimmerman-Staton and Matthew Nelson have led the wonderful team to victory
with their dedication and hard work.

The team, consisting of students from grades 6th to 8th, has shown exceptional skills
and sportsmanship throughout the season. These students have not only excelled on
the field but also off the field, SJCS has rigorous academic standards the students must
uphold to play sports. Students are accustomed to balancing tests, quizzes, homework,
practice, and additional extracurricular activities. Their commitment and
determination have brought them to the top of their league, making SJCS proud.

“The mission of St. John is to, ‘Glorify God in all that we do.’ These students have lived
that statement. Their sportsmanship and virtues were apparent in how they played the
game of soccer,” says Coach Zimmerman-Staton. “Their hard work and perseverance
have paid off, and we are thrilled to see them achieve such success in the soccer

The school community is proud of the team's achievements and looks forward to seeing
them continue to excel in the future.

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