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SJCS teachers strive to meet our mission statement. Ranging from grades 1st-5th, students attending St. John Catholic school receive the highest quality of education in a Christian atmosphere. Christian virtues and morals are taught beside excellent academic classes. Students engage to learn math, reading, and English.  Students also have access to the SJCS library that is constantly updating and providing literature for all reading labels. The catalog of books can be seen on the SJCS library online catalog.


The following are the subjects taught in the SJCS elementary program:

  • Religion
  • Mathematics
  • Language Arts: Reading/English and an Accelerated Reading Program
  • Spelling/Phonics/Vocabulary
  • Handwriting
  • Social Studies/History/GA History
  • Science
  • Fine Arts: Art/Music/Band
  • Computer Science
  • Library
  • Physical Education including Health and Safety
  • Spanish


Students use a wide range of learning methods. These include hands-on, small groups, and whole group teaching. SJCS recognizes the importance of making technology integration into students education at a young age. SJCS does this to prepare students for the future in a technologically driven world. In SJCS Elementary School, each class attends a computer class focused on developing these skills. Also, students are allowed the use of iPads and Chromebooks in academic classes to help with these skills. Each classroom is equipped with iPads and computers.