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This Thanksgiving season, St. John Catholic School will be teaming up with the St. Francis Center to provide meals for senior citizens with disabilities and other needy families.  This is a wonderful way to put our faith into practice!

Please send items listed below to school by Tuesday, November 19.  Our 8th grade students will then pack the “fixings” for the Thanksgiving dinners.

  • K-3-K4 - Cans of vegetables (corn/beans/peas) (14.5oz)
  • K5 - Boxes of instant mashed potatoes (7.2oz)
  • 1st  - Cans of sweet potatoes (16oz)
  • 2nd - Cans of fruit (15oz)
  • 3rd - Boxes of stuffing mix (16oz)
  • 4th - Cans of cranberry sauce (14oz)
  • 5th - Mac-n-cheese (7.2oz)
  • 6th - Cans of gravy (10oz)
  • 7th - Cans of sweet potatoes (16oz)
  • 8th - Hygiene items (bars if soap/tubes of toothpaste, toothbrushes) paper towels, toilet paper        
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