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Local School Surpasses Peers in Testing

September 30, 2021

St. John the Evangelist Catholic School Continues to Score Higher than National Average in Multiple Subjects

Valdosta, GA – Saint John the Evangelist Catholic School (SJCS) recently received results from its fall MAP testing. The school conducts testing three times a year, Fall, Winter and Spring, to measure achievement and growth of its students in first through eighth grade in the areas of reading, language usage and science. Fall 2021 MAP testing results show that SJCS students score higher than the national average in all four areas: math, reading, English/language arts and science. Historically, SJCS students have scored 5.83 points higher than the national average in math, 11.06 points higher in reading, 11.12 points higher in English/language arts and 10 points higher in science.

“Since beginning MAP testing three years ago, our students have continuously scored higher than their national peers in all four subject areas, for every session we administer,” said SJCS Principal Vito Pellitteri. “Our students receive a strong foundation in all core subjects, as well as Spanish, Technology and Religion and the test scores show just how hard they work and what they achieve. I am extremely proud of our teachers and students for continuing to excel and continuing the reputation SJCS has for developing high achieving students.”