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Ashley Schoener
Ashley Schoener
Groups: Middle School
Employed Since: 7/1/2016
3 Years Experience At School
  • College Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance (2010)
  • Post-graduate Master of Arts in Teaching (2013)
  • Post-graduate Pursuing Education Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction (2019)



Mrs. Schoener is the middle school Mathematics teacher. She has taught at both public and private schools. She loves teaching at St. John Catholic School, where she gets to watch the academic growth and “A-ha” moments that occur in her classroom on a daily basis. She strives to provide her students with a challenging and interestingly, fun environment. She implemented flexible seating two years ago and says she’ll never return to standard seating methods. Small groups and STEM implementation are major components to her teaching style. A student of hers says " Mrs. Schoener's class is a great mix of being structured,organized, and laidback."

Mrs. Schoener has lived in Snellville, Jasper, and Woodstock, Georgia, Ramstein, Germany, and now Valdosta, Georgia. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, traveling, trying new restaurants, watching movies and running in her free time.