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The extended day care program is designed to meet the needs of St. John Catholic School families by providing care beyond the regular school day in a safe and familiar environment. Our extended day program starts after school dismissal and operates until 6:00 PM daily.

During extended day care, students are given the opportunity to complete homework assignments. The program’s staff provide assistance if needed. Also, students are able to relax and unwind, play games, participate in teacher-led activities, and socialize with peers and adults. Some of the activities may include outdoor play (weather permitting), arts, and crafts. A snack is also provided.

While in extended day care, children have an opportunity to continue to discover and build upon their individual interests and skills. The extended day program is a perfect compliment to the child’s school day as it continues to encourage the intellectual, spiritual, social and physical development of students.

Additional rates apply for extended day. Refer to the Extended Day Policies, Procedures, Rules, and Regulations for rates and further information.

Please fill out the extended day application and return it to SJCS.  If you have any questions, please contact us.