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St. John Catholic School recently conducted a survey to identify areas of improvement, celebrate successes and establish a benchmark for evaluating future academic achievements.

76 Surveys Completed - 84% of SJCS Households

Of those who completed the survey:

  • 92% of families feel that SJCS supports high standards of achievement and teachers work hard to ensure the success of their students.
  • 82% feel the school sets clear rules for behavior and are fair and consistent in reinforcing those expectations.
  • 87% of parents who responded say their students feel successful at SJCS.
  • 90% feel SJCS treats parents and students with respect.
  • 89% of families feel comfortable bringing their concerns to school administration
  • 86% feel the school communicates well with parents and students
  • 86% feel that they have an open line of communication with teachers to address concerns
  • 74% say their student feels comfortable talking to their teachers and asking for help

Best Things About SJCS

  • Small Class Size - 33.3%
  • Focus on Faith/Religion - 25.8%
  • Community/Family - 21.2%
  • Academics - 18.2%
  • Teachers - 15.2%
  • Principal - 3%
  • Safety - 3%

Top Areas of Improvement

  • Communication/PR - 25.5%
  • Enrollment - 12.8%
  • School Improvement - 12.8%
  • Teacher Consistency & Treatment of Students - 8.5%
  • Academics - 6.4%
  • Financial - 6.4%


The Best Thing About St. John Catholic School Is…

“High educational standards and family environment.”

“I feel super comfortable with everyone that interacts with my child. SJCS feels like family.”

“Small class size and the quality of education.”

“Everyone works together to help their students succeed.”

“The academic curriculum has high standards.”

“The community. It is a diverse group of people that pull together to educate.”

“The love and support from the teachers and staff for my children. You don’t see that at other schools.”

“The SJCS community is second to none. It is an extension of our home and family.”

“The small, safe learning environment where kids and families matter.”

“The teachers who hold high expectations for student achievement.”

To help with communication which in turn effects enrollment, the school has recently hired a communications coordinator to create and execute plans to promote the school externally as well as improve communication within the school and parish. The school will continue to look at the areas of improvement indicated in the climate survey and develop steps to improve them.

If you have any questions about the SJCS Climate Survey Results or want additional information, please contact us.